How to choose your bath linen

How to choose your bath linen

This may seem like a crazy question, but when you think that we use an average of 4 times a day of our bath linen, that we dry our whole body with our towels daily, and that our laundry goes be subjected to many washing and drying machine, it is realized that it may be necessary to pay more attention to our bath linen. There are all colors, styles and sizes available and you can find towels and other sponge products at any price, at any home and decoration store, and even in supermarkets; it can be so easy to get lost in so many choices available. However, and you expect it, all the qualities of towels are not equal. The very cheap bath linen that can be obtained from the kings of the discount will not last as long as the towels of good qualities: the colors disgorge, the absorption capacity is less or nonexistent, the softness is loses after a few washes and the loops fray.

But then what makes the difference between quality bath linens and low-end bath linens?

The absorption quality of a towel

The terry cloth used to make bath linen consists of a multitude of thread loops, usually made of cotton, which makes it possible to multiply the number of fibers of materials that will retain the water. The more loops and the thicker they are, the more absorbent the towel will be. The best indicator of the quality of absorption of the sponge is therefore the weight of the fabric also called « grammage » is the number of grams per square meter. The gram is generally between 380 g / m² to 700 g / m², knowing that between 600 g / m² and 700 g / m² we are on the very good quality. The higher the gram is, the more the towel will be soft and absorbent. Beware for the bathrobes, we advise you to choose a gram between 300 to 500 g / m² maximum to avoid ending up with a heavy bathrobe to wear.

The material:

No surprise, it is the cotton which is the most used for its qualities of absorption and its softness but also for its resistance in the time. Recently, we can find bamboo fiber towels, known for being very soft. Honeycomb-woven cotton is very trendy because it takes out the codes of the eternal terry towel, and brings an authentic spa feel to your bathroom. In addition, cotton honeycomb towels are just as absorbent and take up much less space!

The price

The price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality: be careful not to pay the name of the brand. However, the price of a product is often a reflection of the time it took to produce it, the quality of the materials that were chosen and the working conditions in which it was made. It is up to you to arbitrate the best compromise, knowing that there is a threshold below which you can not go down without ending up with a towel that will not last very long.


With the progress of manufacture, the bath linen could become a real accessory of decoration. Towels can be embroidered, patterned, initialed or decorated at its ends at the edge also called batten. This is often the case in hotel chains that often personalize their linen according to the name of their brand. It is also possible in many stores to personalize your bath linen with your own initials, for a birth gift, a wedding gift but also to offer a personalized bathrobe on behalf of one of your loved ones. The bias that ends the towel on its periphery can be fancy, satin or contrasting colors. Other finishes more or less upscale can impact the final price of your towel : the printed pattern, the addition of rhinestones, finishing with pompoms, the addition of satin yoke …

How to choose the dimensions of your bath linen?

There are many sizes of towels available:

Guest towel also called towel: it measures 30 x 50 cm or 30 x 30 cm and is used mainly to wipe hands, it is often provided with a small loop that allows to hang near your sink.

Classic towel or towel: it measures 50 x 100 cm. It is not big enough to wrap your body, but it is very handy for spinning hair, for children or to carry it on a trip.

The Shower Sheet: it measures 70 x 140 cm, it is the most used format at the exit of the shower.

The Bath Sheet: it measures 100 x 150cm and allows you to fully wrap for optimal comfort. It is also the format used for beach towels or beach towels.

The washcloth: there is not really any different size of washcloth, they measure all 15x21cm.

Here is an explanatory diagram that will give you a scale:

For the bath robe, you can choose for a long bathrobe that will fully wrap your body or a shorter robe at knee height if you prefer. The bathrobe, also known as a bathrobe, allows you to stay chic even when leaving your shower or bath. There are all kinds, more or less elegant depending on the finishes:

The men’s bathrobe with pinstripes gives a definitely retro look.

The silky velvet Jacquard bathrobe for a luxurious effect.

The bathrobe decorated with faux fur for very cold winters.

There are also bathrobes and capes for children very practical to prevent the smallest to catch cold at the exit of the bath.