Easily change your interior design without breaking the bank thanks to the decoration linen

Easily change your interior design without breaking the bank thanks to the decoration linen

It is very common to get tired of its decoration and even several times a year. But do not worry, you do not need to break your walls and change all your furniture each season to give a new look to your interior design. In this article, we propose you to bet on house linens which is a simple way to dress up your furniture and accessorize all your rooms to obtain a radically different and new visual appearance. For this, we have concocted a complete checklist by reviewing every room of the house.

Textile accessories are your first asset to change your interior decoration without repainting all the walls of your home. For all the windows in your different rooms, start by choosing curtains to dress up your windows. You rather should choose neutral and light tones to bring light to your interior. Depending on whether you want gathers on your curtains or not, you will need to buy several panels per window; count about 1.50m wide curtain to dress a meter of window with gathers. You can alternate thick curtains on the outer edges of your windows with transparent curtains on the center to be able to play on the brightness. For this, a double rod is the ideal system. This will allow you to choose the degree of brightness you want to bring to your room but also mix materials. For thick curtains, you will be able to get a dense fabric with a more or less heavy fall and for the transparent curtains a thin canvas or organza veil will be perfect. It is better to forbid curtains with all over printed patterns or macrame type curtains that weigh down the cladding of your windows and are no longer trendy.

For your living room, learn to play with the contrasts of materials and textures while respecting a certain harmony in the colors. Alternate flowing or shiny materials such as satin and raw materials such as linen, cotton canvas and thick upholstery. The big trend of the year 2018 is the mesh XXL. For starters, choose a living room rug that matches your floor and is proportional to your furniture (tables and sofa) to slightly exceed each side. If your sofa is covered with fabric, decorate the cushions of different sizes and different materials but trying to have, for the most part, the same color palette to avoid a patchwork effect. If you want to bring a colorful touch, add one or two brightly colored cushions with a pattern that will bring back other elements of your interior design. For example, this year it is the mustard color that meets a great success and warms a room. With a deep turquoise you will bring a travel inspiration, with thick stripes you will get a reminder of Scandinavian design. Finally, whatever the season, there is always a plaid that will find its place on your sofa to make your living room a cozy and comfortable place. Concerning the dining room, we prefer to reserve cloth tablecloths for fancy meals. Daily, in order to show your beautiful furniture you can simply dress your table with a path and cloth placemats, and please, let’s forget the placemats plastic.

In the bedroom, you can allow to take thick curtains and blackout since you do not necessarily need a lot of light. Then, you have to choose bed linen sheets that falls and matches the rest of the decor. You can also opt for a set of bedspread or a set of duvet covers depending on whether you prefer the use of cloth or not. You can choose a set with more or less fallout or choose to tuck it under your mattress. For the material, prefer percale cotton which is more resistant thanks to its tight weaving. You can also opt for satin sheets for a luxurious look and a silky touch. For pillows, you can alternate square and rectangular pillowcases, as well as cushions of smaller sizes. Do not hesitate to mix plain colors and patterns. It is possible to buy any kind of printed bed linen that will match any style of decoration: flowers, geometric designs, Baroque motifs or ethnic embroideries…. There is something for every taste ! If your headboard allows it you can also dress it with fabric. Again, you can add a plaid or a small blanket that will be used during your naps without undoing your sheets. Bed decks will dress the sides of your bed or you can also opt for a large carpet wider than your bed, thus protecting your floor from traces that can create the feet of your bed.

We have not finished: we still have the bathroom that can be relooked with some accessories well chosen. First of all, we make room and clean the shelves and vanity of all beauty products and other bottles. For this, you can especially buy small fabric baskets. To bring a harmonious ambience to your bathroom, compose a set of bath towels in matching cotton terry including bath mats, bath towels, bath towels, washcloths, bathrobes or bathrobe and not to mention small guest towels also called hand towel.

There you go ! For a more complete makeover, you can repaint the walls and decorate it with green plants and you’re done.

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