How to choose your bed linen

Knowing that we spend about 8 hours a day in our bed and therefore, that 8 hours a day we are in contact with our sheets, it is legitimate to pay particular attention. Choosing your bed linen may seem like a simple question to answer, yet there are many things to consider, and we do not necessarily think, before buying sheets and bed linen. You have to pay extra … See more

How to choose my duvet

Choosing a duvet request to ask the right questions before making a purchase. There are many things to consider such as size, materials, weight and thermal power. Moreover, you can find duvets in specialized stores or in supermarkets, duvets that are more or less similar, with a quality apparently equivalent and with large price differences. As much to tell you that it can quickly … See more

The Household Linen of the Vosges : Fleuron of the textile industry in France

The Household Linen universe is made of passion, know-how and creativity. From embroidery, to laser printing, to increasingly innovative dyeing techniques and the search for new shades of color and trends in interior design, textile companies in the Vosges compete ingenuity to remain competitive with the global market for household linen and satisfy its loyal customers … See more

Easily change your interior design without breaking the bank thanks to the decoration linen

It is very common to get tired of its decoration and even several times a year. But do not worry, you do not need to break your walls and change all your furniture each season to give a new look to your interior design. In this article, we propose you to bet on house linens which is a simple way to dress up your furniture and accessorize all your rooms to obtain a radically different and … See more

How to choose your bath linen

This may seem like a crazy question, but when you think that we use an average of 4 times a day of our bath linen, that we dry our whole body with our towels daily, and that our laundry goes be subjected to many washing and drying machine, it is realized that it may be necessary to pay more attention to our bath linen. There are all colors, styles and sizes available and you can find … See more